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Inurbia - Ceny a poptávka

. Prices on request

Prices on request

Due to the nature and diversity of our orders, we do not create a complete price list of all the variants and types of our products. Some product prices are calculated with respect to the specific requirements of each customer and each order, where the role of the material used, the surface finish, the required design solution, the quantity demanded, and others.

We will gladly calculate a price for you for any quantity and products variations starting from from one piece. Please, contact our sales representative.

Individual prices

Regular customers or customers with a higher volume of a given order are able to offer discounted bids. We also have a preferential pricing program for public institutes and self-governments.


Did not find the product for your specific needs? We will gladly try to accommodate and customize, manufacture or design a product directly for you and your specific needs. Whether it's a change in dimensions, material, colors, or adding elements of individualization (municipal emblem, inscriptions, etc.), we are ready to meet you. Please contact our sales department for specific requirements.

. Send a message

If you want to ask more about prices or leave any message, please use followng form. We will answer promptly.

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